We are a group of geek who love to play with the point of sale system, business marketing and credit card processing. Due to our geeking nature, we’d like to make things optimized. However, we find that the way people choose and use POS/merchant services/internet marketing are far from optimization. Our goal, through sharing our thoughts on point of sale/marketing/credit card processing, writing beginner-friendly guides, and making useful tools, is to help everyone choose and use credit cards/points/miles like a geek easily!

This blog is originally started by 纽约网站设计, and now the moderators are Jason Jian, KDNY POS. Also we have invited some experts of point of sale to write posts for us.

Apart from this blog, we also update post on Facebook and Twitter, you can follow us on there, too!

If you have any suggestion for us, please don’t hesitate to leave comments here! If you have some tips/tricks that want to share with us, you are welcomed to email us at [email protected]!